Development Plans

Comparative Advantage for Economic Growth and Development

Jiwaka Province has potential to become the agriculture and logistics hub in the Highlands. Investment opportunities exist in the agriculture sector, particularly coffee, cocoa, tea, spices, hemp, fruits, food crops, fresh produce, honey, livestock and inland fish farming, and including downstream processing of agricultural produce. There are also opportunities for tourism development, in particular eco-tourism and carbon trade, and in the renewable energy sector (solar and hydro). Harnessing the potential of the service sector will enable Jiwaka to further stimulate economic activities.

Under the Planning and Service Delivery Frameworks, Jiwaka will develop their five-year Provincial and District Development Plans in alignment to the MTDP IV, and incorporate all the District minimum service needs and strategic economic investment opportunities.

Strategic Economic Priorities

Comparative AdvantageSpecific AreasTargets
Commercial Agriculture & Livestock DevelopmentCoffee productionIncrease production and downstream processing
Fresh Produce Market and Value Chain Development
Poultry Development
Cattle Development
Forestry DevelopmentForest Products Development100% Downstream Processing
Climate Change
Mining & Petroleum DevelopmentAluvial Mining and other mineral and petroleum prospectsSupport the development of resource sites
MSME & District Growth Centres DevelopmentProvincial and District Market DevelopmentMSME development
District Growth Centres and MSME Incubation Hub
Financial Inclusion
Downstream ProcessingForest productsProduce value-adding
Meat productionJob creation
Poultry Abattoir Processing
Trade and InvestmentSpecial Economic Zones (SEZ)Promote SEZ and Industrial Hubs
Tourism Niche Product DevelopmentTourism Niche Product DevelopmentPromote local and International tourism
Land DevelopmentCustomary Land Registration (ILGs)Bankable land
Unlocking Land for Development